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Star Bianchi is an Italian certified ISO 9001: 2015 specialized in extrusion of thermoplastic elastomers like pvc, nbr, epdm, polyethylene and polyurethanes. STAREL is owned by Star Bianchi and is the official brand used for identification of all the products made in Italy. The company established in 1976 continues the old origin of the family firm Star Eugenio Bianchi Milan of fifties and is mainly involved in motorcycles and scooter industry, automotive, bicycle , marine, agricultural and garden industry as brush cutters, grass trimmers and chain saw, hand-held engines and endothermic engines in general.

The technical assistance of the internal laboratory allows the possibility to realize compounds dedicated to customer’s requests in terms of usage, mechanical/physical conditions, resistance to hydrocarbons/chimical agents, elasticity, hardness (ShoreA) and colour.

Resistance to Hydrocarbons

Insulation and protection

Flame retardant and self-extinguishing

Resistance to atmospheric agents

Resistance to temperature

Resistance to pressure

Elongation to 700%

Colour customization


The production of flexible hoses is still today the main activity of the company, that has been established in the vehicle sector and has obtained the OEM approvals from the main Italian and European manufacturers. We produce on demand pipes with internal diameter from 1.5 mm to 27 mm, covers and rods. We supply also components such as hose clamps, pressure and/or return flow valves, filters, connectors and hoses SAE CARB EPA compliance for the US market.


We are qualified manufacturers of FLAP® rim tape for the protection of inner tube for bicycles, motorcycles and cars, the first to deposit the patent still valid for inner tube protectors. Thanks to the high performance of our materials, the tapes are not glued but high frequency thermoformed without junctions, resulting in greater strength and elasticity. There are three applications of our product: inner tube protection, tubeless kit, anti-puncture band.


Thanks to our important availability of different molding equipment, we can realize a wide range of profiles and shapes. Using the specifications of our compounds, we can meet all customer needs and realize the required products on customers’ drawing.