Star Bianchi S.r.l.

Star Bianchi is an Italian certified ISO 9001: 2008 company established in 1976 specialized in extrusion of thermoplastic elastomers like pvc, nbr, epdm, polyethylene and polyurethanes. The company continues the old origin of the family firm Star Eugenio Bianchi of Milan in fifties years grown in bicycle and two wheels.

In particular, we produce hoses from 1.5 mm up to 25 mm inside diameter, covers , soft profiles of different shape and on customer’s drawing, tapes and ribbon used also to realize shaped articles and inner tube protector for spoked wheels with our copyrighted Flap ® rim tape protection band. Additionally, we supply different components as clamps for hoses, valves for pressure and fluids and hoses in accordance to SAE J30 legislation.

We are specialized in the production of Fuel-Oil-Vacuum-Brake Fluid-Vent-Water hoses and tapes made with high performance plastics and innovative techno polymers. Our products are also C.F.1 approved by Italian and worldwide motorbike producers in accordance to E.U. Directive and Green procurement rules. The company started in bicycle and motorcycles industry and then developed in scooters, quads, ATVs, hand-held engines, agricultural and garden industry as brush cutters, grass trimmers and chain saw, Marine, Micro engine, and different industries like Furniture, Clothing, Construction, Household Appliances, Decorators and Safety device.

Our total production capacity is about 45.000 meter per each shift thanks to five active hi-tech extrusion plants that are automatically self regulated by a laser control system and one extrusion plant that operates on stand-by. All our products are ink-jet marked STAREL according to traceability requirements, prints can be customized as well as per customer’s requests and all products can be supplied in reels or cut.