Flap Rim Tape & Antipuncture Band

We are also specialized in the production of Rim Tapes Protection Band FLAP ® for spoked wheels and Antipuncture Band for inner tube. The product FLAP ® is patented since many years. Thanks to our high performance raw material, our tapes are not adhesived at the ends but high frequency thermo shaped in order to give more resistance to the product.

Apart from the popular FLAP ® produced with white PLS material, we developed a new material PUR-POP used in the bicycle, motorcycle and super GT sport car industry. This material is used also for FLAP ® tubeless bike conversion kit to avoid loss of pressure and for antipuncture band to create a strong barrier between the tyre and the inner tube.

The advantages reasons why we developed this new RED PUR-POP TAPE with most important motorcycles and automotive company are the following:
- antipuncture: this material prevents all the risks, time losses and costs related to mechanical damage like nipples, metal burrs and external risks like nails or spines
- pressure: this material has the best result in avoiding loss of pressure
- antislippage: after mounting, our rim tape completely fit to the wheel, it is like glued to the wheel
- tube: the cost and the risk to damage the tube is absolutely higher than the new rim tape

These products are actually used since months by some Italian Sport Associations in MOUNTAIN and ROAD bicycles and so far the risk of damages or puncture has been reduced by more than 90%. We absolutely considered the importance of flexibility and low weight in particular for the road bicycles. However these products are available for all kind of bicycle, mountain , trekking, road, sport, city, urban.