Lab & Compound

The technical assistance of our internal laboratory allows the possibility to realize compounds dedicated to customer’s requests in terms of hardness (ShoreA), elasticity, mechanical/physical conditions, resistance to hydrocarbons, chimical agents, temperature, pressure and colours.

Compounds can be produced in order to satisfy following features:
- Resistance to Gasoline, diesel, gasohol, additives, alcohol, E10, E20, synthetic or mineral oils, d.o.t. hydraulic brake and clutch fluids, cooling systems, cleaning fluids, acids and bases, battery
- Insulation wires and rim protection
- Flame retardant and self extinguishing
- Resistance to atmospheric agents, UV, water, air
- Resistance from -70°C to 160°C
- Resistance to 20 Bar
- Elongation 700%
- Transparent, black, all the colours

All products extruded by Star Bianchi Srl are made with high performance technopolymers, high quality thermoplastic elastomers and polyurethanes in accordance to Green Procurement Rules and absolutely without substances listed on SVHC established by European Chemical Agency (ECHA).